This is a list of local multiplayer games for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android smartphones + tablets and other touch screen devices. The list is irregularly updated, so check this page again from time to time as more games will be added. I'm also planning to include some additional material in the future, such as links to articles about touch screen LMP games and interviews with developers. In the meantime, have a look at the presentation I gave at the A MAZE. Indie Pop-Up.

List compiled and maintained by Lorenzo Pilia. Want to suggest a game? Get in contact via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or good ol' e-mail. We've got a newsletter too!

Last update: 31 January 2014 (added social media links)

Badland (iOS + Android)
Bam Fu (iOS + Android)
Battle Dots (iPad)
Bloop (iOS + Android)
Bounden (iOS + Android))
Centrifeud (iPad only)
Chicanery (iOS)
Circulets (iOS + Android)
Coolson’s Artisanal Chocolate Alphabet (iPad)
Count Battle (iOS)
Equator (iOS)
Finger Battle (iOS)
Fingers Party (iOS)
Fingle (iPad)
Flick Champions HD (iOS)
Flight Control HD (iPad)
Forget-me-not (iOS version temp. unavailable but keep checking back as it's the best game ever made)
Friendstrap (iOS + Android)
Fruit Ninja HD (iPad, available on many other platforms but I'm not sure they have the split screen mode)
Gentlemen! (iPad + Android)
Glitch Tank (iOS)
Greedy Bankers vs the World (iPad)
Heads Up! (iOS + Android)
Justin Smith's Realistic Summer Sports Simulator (iOS + Android)
King of Opera (iOS + Android)
Lap Uranus (iOS)
Lub vs Dub (iOS)
MetaSquares™ (iOS)
Mini Mix Mayhem (iOS + Android)
Minotaur Rescue (iOS)
Multiponk (iOS + Android)
No Brakes Valet (iOS + Android)
O — yes that's the name of the game (iPad)
Olo (iOS)
Omicron / Omicron HD (iOS + Android)
Orbital / Orbital HD (iPhone / iPad)
Osmos (iOS + Android)
Pinwar (iOS + Android)
Rakete (iOS + Android, not truly a touch screen game but it's too good not to mention)
Ready Steady Bang (iOS + Android)
Recurse (iPad)
Retro Racing (iOS + Android)
Ring Fling (iOS)
Shot Shot Shoot (iPad)
Slamjet Stadium (iPad)
SLAP! (iOS + Android)
Slingshot Racing (iOS + Android)
Soctics League (iOS)
Spaceteam (iOS + Android)
Space Chicks (iOS)
Spelltower (iOS + Android)
Spin Wars (iOS + Android)
Tap Happy Sabotage (Windows 8, in development)
Terraria (iOS + Android)
Tiny Wings HD (iPad)
TNNS (iOS + Android)
Tug the Table (iOS)
VS. Racing & VS. Racing 2 (iOS)
Word Race (iOS)
Wrestle Jump (iOS)